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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Mylk The Labels images?

Yes! As a stockist of Mylk The Label you are welcome to use all product images provided on our website, mailouts and instagram, as long as you tag us and mention our brand name "Mylk The Label".

We recommend saving product images when you order and as you see them as we do not always keep the photography for extended periods of time.

Do we offer label exclusivity?

Due to growing demand of our label nationally, we do not offer geo-exclusivity to stockists. However, if you are a stockist with regular and consistent orders representing our brand, we do try to limit stores around your area.

Do we supply to market stalls?

We currently do not supply Mylk The Label products to markets stalls. All stockist must have a bricks and mortar store or fully operational online store.

What do I do if a garment is faulty?

If in the event you receive a faulty item please email for assessment of the item and further instruction.